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Too tall for the stalls November 7th 2011, posted in It's a tall life - living in a short world

It’s been a while since I’ve been on my high horse (hahaha) about this, so here’s another installment in the chronicle of “It’s a tall life – living in a short world.”

Strollers! Who would have thought they would be built without adjustable-height handles and designed so low to the ground that a simple walk to the shops results in extreme hunchback syndrome?

It’s one thing to consider accessibility to all (ie, those in wheelchairs as well as those on two feet) when building or designing, but it’s another to not consider the other end of the spectrum as well.

Bathroom stalls and shower doors/screens definitely come under this category.

Fair enough, looking over the top of a bathroom stall wall when it’s your sister next to you – that’s usually cause for some serious giggling. But when it’s someone you don’t know and you accidentally make eye contact as you turn to flush or adjust your clothing, what can you do? Make stalls with floor to ceiling walls!

As for shower screens, when, as they most often are, built for the average consumer, they only partially block the spray of the water from a taller person because the width of the screen has been calculated on the average height placement of the shower head.

And to conclude this installment, let’s have a short rant about fixed-height shower heads. SERIOUSLY!! Try washing your hair under a shower that sprays water into the back of your neck, no matter how far out from the wall you are able to tip the sprayer. Enjoy!

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