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Women – holding up half the sky

Why are men quoted more than women in news coverage of reproductive issues? June 20th 2016

Last time I checked, men weren’t able to give birth. So why are they considered experts on the subject of women’s reproductive health, access and freedom to choose? Research by the Women’s Media Center found that “Not a single media outlet has more than half of its quotes in articles about reproductive issues from women.” That’s wrong and obviously needs to be rectified.

Read the press release and full research report.

Bylines by gender in coverage of reproductive issues

Elephant in the room: new study reveals rampant sexism in Silicon Valley June 6th 2016

After interviewing more than 200 women with at least 10 years of experience in the industry, co-author Trae Vassallo said, “Each women I talked to had some set of stories they wanted to share.” Embarrassing, shameful and truly appalling that what is supposed to be the epicentre of innovation and creative change subjects women to sexual harassment, discrimination and exclusion. 60% of women working in or around Silicon Valley have experienced sexual harassment at some point in their career.

>>> Elephant in the Valley

Gender gap in retirement shortfall grows to 95% May 24th 2016

From the 2015 Gender Gap in Financial Wellness report: “While both the median man and woman face a significant shortfall, the median woman has a lower lifetime income, has saved less, and yet faces higher overall retirement and healthcare costs due to a longer life expectancy.

“While the gender gap in financial wellness is still quite wide, we see encouraging signs that the gap is narrowing. Corporate employers are uniquely suited to address this gap, as data shows that working women are more likely than men to take advantage of financial education and coaching provided by their employers.”

Read the full report.

How does the UK rank in the EU’s gender equality index? May 12th 2016

The Gender Equality Index is an annual report produced by the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE). For the first time, data from three different years is available, allowing for a review of progress. The results show that there has been visible, albeit marginal, improvements in gender equality in the EU between 2005 and 2012. Isn’t that the same, uninteresting story for advancements in gender equality everywhere? Zzzzz…

The Index measures gender equality in six key areas, plus two satellite domains. The six main areas of analysis are Work; Money; Knowledge; Time; Power; and Health. The two satellite areas are Violence and Intersecting Inequalities.

Check out the country profiles.

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