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World Breastfeeding Week 2016 – support mums to breastfeed anytime, anywhere August 2nd 2016

breastfeeding-2016-week-posterAn international awareness raising week, World Breastfeeding Week encourages all members of society to play their part in making communities friendly towards and supportive of nursing mothers. Following 2015’s worldwide adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, this year’s World Breastfeeding Week is making explicit the links between a healthy start to life and sustainable development. Are there things you could do to help mothers breastfeeding their children?

Where did you get this information? Sexism in sports media July 6th 2016

A great article by Julie DiCaro on the Women’s Media Center website:

“Being considered ‘less’ than my colleagues solely because of my gender – I’ve even had my credibility questioned when reporting easily verifiable information, like the World Series schedule or a starting lineup.

“When it comes to sports media, women, already viewed as ‘outsiders’ by men who resent our influx into history, must insist on working in roles where our thoughts, analysis, and reporting are as valued as our looks.”

Why are men quoted more than women in news coverage of reproductive issues? June 20th 2016

Last time I checked, men weren’t able to give birth. So why are they considered experts on the subject of women’s reproductive health, access and freedom to choose? Research by the Women’s Media Center found that “Not a single media outlet has more than half of its quotes in articles about reproductive issues from women.” That’s wrong and obviously needs to be rectified.

Read the press release and full research report.

Bylines by gender in coverage of reproductive issues
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