Will Not Breed in Captivity

Keely Khoury, writer/editor

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About & Contact

The name of this site comes from George Orwell’s quote:

At present we know only that the imagination, like certain wild animals, will not breed in captivity.

George Orwell

It took me many years to understand what I needed in order to flourish. Family, friends, four seasons, big skies and horizons that are a mix of woods, fields and great expanses of water nourish me, my soul and my work.

I’m a champion of women in a still unequal world; an advocate for and appreciator of age (and the skills, knowledge and experience it brings); and an enthusiastic supporter of sport, art, and media.

From political press office work to journalism, B2B communications and third sector publicity materials, I find the desired tone for a variety of audiences and stakeholders, internal and external. My work includes social innovation, technology, aging, and government policy announcements published in a range of newspapers, magazines, websites (many built with WordPress) and social media outlets. My creativity and great sense of story can help you make the most of your ideas and resources no matter the size of your project.

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