Corporate America is not on the path to gender equality: Women in the Workplace 2015 report

Part of a long-term partnership between LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Company to encourage female leadership and foster gender equality in the workplace, the Women in the Workplace study has found that not only do women experience an uneven playing field, gender diversity is not widely believed to be a priority.

Find out more about the study and read the full report.

Women scientists underfunded from the very beginning of their career

Research by the Health Resources in Action’s Medical Foundation has identified a glaring gender-based disparity in start-up funding received by biomedical researchers.

Shockingly, “employers gave newly hired men researchers a median of $889,000 to purchase equipment and set up their labs, compared to $350,000 for women scientists.”

With such a huge institutionalised handicap from the very beginning of their career, it is no wonder that the number of women in senior STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) positions remains stagnant.

Wear Your Label

Working to end the stigma that still surrounds mental illness, Wear Your Label produces clothes with slogans and conversations starters. As the founders say on their website, “One in five people live with mental illness. Five in five have mental health.”

That’s all of us!

Additionally, the company doesn’t separate clothing into the traditional gender binary categories, a decision explicitly in support of transgender and gender non-conforming people, particularly young people.

Changing the world, one goal at a time

With 17 new sustainable development goals agreed by the United Nations’ member countries, each nation must now set its own path towards achieving them by 2030. The goals are interconnected and support three overarching ideas:

  1. End extreme poverty
  2. Fight inequality and injustice
  3. Fix climate change

The full list of goals is here, and analysis from The Guardian is here.

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