Family farm managers earn less money, gain emotional wealth

New agricultural economic research from Cornell University has found that “family members who work on the family dairy farm make $22,000 less annually than comparable hired managers, but are handsomely compensated with ‘socioemotional’ wealth.”

Let’s make a point to thank the family farmers that are keeping land healthy and providing food and resources for local communities around the world.

Divided 2015: the USA media gender gap

The Women’s Media Center – founded by Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan, and Gloria Steinem – has the goal of making women visible and powerful in media. With the recent publication of the Center’s yearly report on the status of women in U.S. media, it is clear that the country’s media landscape is far from even.

Men continue to make, report and present the news, generating 62.1 per cent to women’s 37.3 per cent. This is particularly worrying in the year before a presidential election, especially as the report shows that “Men [a]re more likely to write or report on the topics of politics, criminal justice, science, sports and technology.”

Read the full report and analysis here.


Institute of Development Studies creates Sex Work Law Map

This is a map of national ‘legal frameworks’ around sex work. It aims to provide an accurate overview, in plain English of the laws, regulations, directives and enforcement practices that govern the sale of sexual services by adult women.” The global map is interactive, able to be searched by country, legal approach and characteristics, and the project team asks interested readers to contribute updates. The map will continue to develop and change as trends and information develop.


Does decriminalising sex work help or hurt the women involved?

When Amnesty International passed a resolution at its August meeting of its decision-making forum, the International Council Meeting, to protect the human rights of sex workers, an ongoing international debate became increasingly visible.

“The Resolution recommends that Amnesty International develop a policy that supports the full decriminalisation of all aspects of consensual sex work. The policy will also call on states to ensure that sex workers enjoy full and equal legal protection from exploitation, trafficking and violence.”

The Coalition Against Trafficking Women (CATW), among many other individuals and organisations, swiftly responded, saying “Amnesty’s call on governments to decriminalize the sex industry underlines a willful and callous rejection of women’s rights and equality. The human rights organization opted to side with the multi-billion dollar international sex trade and to exclude prostituted individuals — who are overwhelmingly women and girls from disenfranchised racial, ethnic and economic groups — from the rights granted to all people in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

CATW sent an open letter to Amnesty International, signed by more than 600 individuals and organisations, including women’s rights organisations and survivors of the sex trade, expressing their concern with the decision.

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