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The Gates Foundation taking on sexist data

Until we get accurate statistics about women and girls, data will remain skewed and inherently sexist, says Melinda Gates. Her and husband Bill’s foundation has recently announced $80 million to correct the disparity.

“When Uganda introduced survey questions to cover secondary activities, such as subsistence farming, the workforce ‘magically’ increased by 700,000 people, the majority of whom were women.

“Surveys also leave out unpaid caring work performed by women, which has an estimated value of $10 TRILLION per year, according to McKinsey.

“One of the ways homemakers create value, for example, is by making room for someone else in the household to earn an income.”

Wow! And, of course!

When you crave this, eat that!

New research from the Texax A&M School of Public Health offers these alternatives to mindless snacking.

  • If you have an insatiable sweet tooth, try eating more sweet fruits like berries or apples, and even dark leafy greens.
  • For chocaholics, constant cravings for the sweet stuff could indicate a magnesium deficiency, so it’s worth investing in snacks like mixed nuts, bananas and sweetly seasoned greens for healthier options.
  • When nothing will satisfy other than French fries, your body could be craving fat. Instead, try avocado or raw nuts.

And often, when we think we’re hungry, we’re actually dehydrated. So next time you start craving something you know isn’t good for you, try drinking a large glass of water first.

Read more about ways to beat the munchies.

Health care provision in conflict zones intentionally targeted

The World Health Organization has revealed new research identifying the targeting of health care as “a deliberate tactic of war.” How sad, especially when other statistics from the organization show that for crisis affected populations, “health is both their number one priority and unmet need.”

This really puts our own health niggles, and blessings of good health, in perspective.

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